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PC Adapter Combo Cable w/ 12v DC Power for Garmin 4 Pin for Garmin GPS 12, 38, 40 (R8C)

List Price: $26.95
Our Price: $24.99
This all-in-one cable offers flexibility and functionality, allowing user to transfer map data for current next trip while in your car without burning through AA batteries! Re-charge your Garmin GPS 5-Pin receiver from a standard 12-volt cigarette lighte

Avoid the hassle of having two separate cables with this simple solution. Use the connections simultaneously or separately.  Fully compatible with Garmin GPS 12, 38 & 40 receivers.
Save batteries and power your Garmin GPS/GPSMAP 5-Pin receiver from your car!  Comparable to Garmin #010-10164-00, but over $20.00 less! Why pay more unnecessarily?
Gilsson GPS cables are produced using the highest UL-certified materials and components. Each component is custom manufactured to ensure a perfect fit with Garmin GPS units.
Additionally, Gilsson cables are manufactured at ISO 9000/9001/9002-certified factories. The cables are fully molded from end to end for DURABILITY and SAFETY.

Unique Features:

  • Fully compatible with Garmin GPS/GPSMAP 5-Pin receivers.
  • 2 in 1 cable - 12volt and PC cables which can be used separately or simultaneously.
  • Durable - Molded from end to end for durability and electrical safety.
  • Approximately 6 ft. long
  • Professionally manufactured using the toughest UL-certified materials at ISO 9000/9001/9002 certified factories.

Compatible with:

Garmin GPS 12 (010-00146-00), GPS 38 (010-00106-00), GPS 40 (010-00086-00)

Kenwood D7AG, D7E, D7EG, TH-D7A, TM-D700A

Technical Specifications:

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