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Magellan RoadMate 860T 3000T 6000T (980887) MYGuide 3240 GO 3050 GO, Navman Pin 570 iCN 530 iCN 520, TOM TOM ONE GO 910 GO 700 Amplified GPS External Remote Antenna (MMCX)

List Price: $49.95
On Sale: $19.95
You Save: $30.00 (60%)
Amplify and intensify your GPS signal reception and increase accuracy in the most demanding outdoor, marine or urban environments with a Gilsson Technologies MMCX active external GPS antenna!

Your Navman, Magellan, MyGuide, TOM TOM or MMCX GPS receiver is only as accurate as the GPS signal it receives, so ensure that you are making the most of your investment with a Gilsson Technologies MMCX amplified GPS antenna.
Guaranteed to be the best performing active external MMCX GPS antenna on the market.  Exceptional performance at unbeatable prices, Gilsson's remote patch antenna greatly amplifies GPS signal reception whether you are navigating the city jungle or on an outdoor adventure.

Unique Features:

  • Comparable to Navman # AA004034 or Magellan # 980887 low-profile remote automobile antenna but more dB gains.
  • Fully compatible with Navman, Magellan, MyGuide, TOM TOM, GlobalSat and all other MMCX GPS receivers. (see below for full list)
  • Amplified (active) GPS antenna for exceptional GPS signal reception.
  • Built-in magnets for mounting on car rooftops or other metallic surfaces. (Magnets are user-removable, for use by pilots, boaters and hikers to prevent interference with magnetic compass readings)
  • 180 degree (straight) MMCX connector, which permits maneuverability on dashboards, backpacks, and carrying cases.
  • Built-in permanent mounting holes for mounting on aircraft fuselage, boat surfaces or car/RV/SUV vehicle surfaces.
  • Compatibility Note - The Gilsson 3 foot cable 28 dB antenna will not fit the Magellan RoadMate 3000T, 3050T or 6000T receivers.  The connector barrel has too large a barrel diameter.

Compatible with:

Delphi Protable GPS Navigation NAV200 (NAV200)

Abarten BM 6380 GPS Navigator (BM 6380), Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT-Q880 (BT-Q880), GPS 95023 (95023), GPS 95058 (95058), GPS 95069 (95069), GPS 95084 (95084), GPS 95085 (95085), GPS 95119 (95119), GPS 95145 (95145), GPS 95157 (95157), GPS 95161 (95161), GPS 95164 (95164), GPS 95165 (95165), GPS Receiver Module GPS 22 (GPS 22), Navigator 7000 Pro SC (7000 Pro SC), RoadMentor All in One (10-502)

Acer D100 Portable Navigator (D100), D140 Portable Navigator (D140), D150 Portable Navigator (D150), D160 Portable Navigator (D160 ), N35 Navigations PDA (N35)

Acore Bluetooth AG-600 (AG-600), Bluetooth AG-700 (AG-700)

Adac Blue Media Pocket PC 255 Navigon ( PC 255)

Airis GPS Bluetooth N598G (N598G), GPS PDA509 (PDA509), Navigator T900 (T900), Navigator T920 (T920), PDA NC05 (NC05), PDA T605 (T605)

Aktronix Bluetooth GPS BT (BT)

Aldi Medion GPS MD95000 (MD95000), GPS MD95900 (MD95900), GPS MDPPC 150 (weitere siehe Medion) (MDPPC 150)

Altina Bluetooth GPS GBT709 (GBT709), Destinator A600 (A600)

ASUS MyPal A639 (A639), MyPal A686 Ultra Slim GPS PDA , MyPal A696 Ultra Slim GPS PDA , The Mobile Navigator (MyPal A632), The Mobile Navigator 1 (MyPal A636), The Mobile Navigator Pro (MyPal A636N)

Billionton BTGPS Bluetooth GPS Receiver (BTGPS)

Blue Media GPS Navigation System 6300 (6300), Penny Navigation PNA BM 6300 (PNA BM 6300), Pocket PC 255 GPS (PC 255 )

BT Empfänger GPS BR-R700 (BR-R700), GPS BT-R500 (BT-R500), GPS CF ST-K500 (CF ST-K500), GPS ST-BTS 110 (ST-BTS 110), GPS ST-CF110 (ST-CF110), GPS STBT110 (STBT110)

Compass Blue Tooth GPS CN768 (CN768), Blue thooth GPS GB732 (GB732), Bluetooth GPS GB233 (GB233), Bluetooth GPS GB539 (GB539)

Dell PDA Dell Bluetooth GPS Navigation System (F6681 (310-5769)), Dell GPS Navigation System with Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Dell Axim X51 Handheld (GPS 310-7304 (GG057) X51 & X51v), Pocket GPS Navigator for Dell Axim X30 (PK041), Pocket GPS Portable Navigator for Dell Axim X5 (PFD22 )

Delorme Blue Logger GPS (Blue Logger GPS)

Deluo RoadMentor (10-505)

Dual Electronics Corp. NavAtlas XNAV3500p (XNAV3500p), NavAtlas XNAV3550 (XNAV3550)

Evesham Technology Nav-Cam 7500 (NAVCAM7500), Nav-Cam 7500 EU (NAVCAM7500EU), Nav-Cam 7500 EU TMC (NAVCAM7500EUTMC), Nav-Cam 7500 TMC (NAVCAM7500TMC), Nav-Cam 7700 (NAVCAM7700EU), Nav-Cam 7700 AA (NAVCAM7700)

Falcom - Compact Dual Band GSM/GPRS module with FTA I2D ( I2D), Compact Dual Band GSM/GPRS module with FTA I2D ( I2D)

FALK Navigation 3500 (3500), Navigator N120 (N120), Navigator N200 (N200), Navigator N30 (N30), Navigator N40 (N40), Navigator N50 (N50), Navigator N80 (N80)

Fortuna NA View GPS 600 (GPS 600), NA View GPS-430 (GPS-430), NA View GPS-615(B) (GPS-615(B)), NA View GPS-620(B) (GPS-620(B)), NA View PNA 450 (PNA 450), NA View PNA 455 (PNA 455), Pocket X Tract CF Type (Pocket X Tract)

fTech Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT1.5MR (BT1.5MR), Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT1.5SR (BT1.5SR), Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT2.3MR (BT2.3MR ), Bluetooth GPS Receiver FGPXBT02 (FGPXBT02), CF Card Type GPS Receiver FGPCFCD01, CF Card Type GPS Receiver FGPCFCD02, GPS Antenna MCX FGPANE1M2, GPS Antenna MCX FGPANE1M5, GPS Antenna MMCX FGPANE1X2, GPS Antenna MMCX FGPANE1X5, Mini Solar Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT2.5MR (BT2.5MR), Professional Navigator NAV 550 (NAV 500), Solar Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT2.3MR (BT2.3MR ), Solar Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT2.3SR (BT2.3SR), Solar Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT2.5SR (BT2.5SR)

Geniustek Corporation (GTK) Bluetooth GPS Receiver (GTK-B300), Bluetooth GPS Receiver GB500-N (GB500-N), Bluetooth GPS Receiver GB500-S (GB500-S)

GlobalSat Antenna AT-65-MMCX, BC-307, BC337, BT-308, BT-318, BT-318X, BT308X, GV-101, GV-201, GV370 Personal Navigational Device (GV-370), SD-501 (X-Trac), SD502

Haicom Bluetooth Enabled GPS Car Holder (HI-701 BT), Bluetooth® GPS Receiver miniSD™ to SD Adaptor (HI 505SD), CF GPS Receiver HI 302 LP (HI-302LP), CF GPS Receiver HI 302 LP/CF (HI-302LP/CF), Compact GPS Receiver HI 303E (HI-303E), HI 303MMF (HI-303MMF), HI 303S, HI 305 N, HI 305III, HI 401 BT, HI 405 BT, HI 406 BT, HI 406 BT-C, HI 407BT GPS Receiver w/12, HI 701 BT Car Holder, HI-303III CF GPS Receiver (HI-303III), HI-701 GPS Enabled Car Holder (HI-701)

Holux BT GPS GPSSLIM 236, GPSmile 51 Car Navigator, GPSmile 52 Car Navigator (NAV-52xx), GPSmile 53 Car Navigator (GPSmile 53), GR-239 Bluetooth GPS Receiver (GR-239xx)

HP iPAQ rx5770 Travel Companion (rx5770), iPAQ rx5780 Travel Companion (rx5780 ), IPAQ Bluetooth GPS Nav System (FA196AA), iPAQ Travel Companion rx5910 (FA810AA), iPAQ rx5710 Travel Companion (rx5710), iPAQ rx5720 Travel Companion (rx5720), iPAQ rx5725 Travel Companion (rx5725), iPAQ rx5730 Travel Companion (rx5730), iPAQ rx5765 Travel Companion (rx5765), iPAQ rx5775 Travel Companion (rx5775), iPAQ rx5935 Travel Companion, iPAQ rx5940 Travel Companion, iPAQ rx5965 Travel Companion, iPAQ rx5970 Travel Companion

iTrek M5 Bluetooth GPS, i.Trek Bluetooth GPS, i.Trek M1 bluetooth GPS

LeadTek 9534 (New Version Only) (9534), 9537

Lidl MYGUIDE Navigator 6500 XL (6500 XL), MYGUIDE Navigator 6500 XL TMC Edition (6500 XL TMC Edition)

Lowrance RAA-5 External Antenna, iWay 250C Multimedia GPS Portable Navigation System (125-03)

Magellan CrossoverGPS (980890-01), Maestro 3200 Auto Navigation GPS System (Magellan Part #980-0007-001), Maestro 3250 GPS Navigation System (Magellan Part #980-0011-001), Maestro 4040 (98092001), Maestro 4250 GPS Navigation System (Magellan Part 980-0019-001), RoadMate 2200T (980897-01), RoadMate 6000T (980874-01), RoadMate 800 GPS Receiver Navigator (980652-12), Roadmate 3000, Roadmate 3050

MDPNA GPS 150 (150), GPS MD PNA 200 (MD PNA 200)

Medion GPS MD 95000 (MD 95000), GPS MD 95023 (MD 95023), GPS MD 95085 (MD 95085), GPS MD 95119 (MD 95119), GPS MD 95308 (MD 95308), GPS MD 95900 (MD 95900), GPS MD PNA 200 (MD PNA 200 ), GPS MD95084 (MD95084), GPS MDPNA 150 (MDPNA 150), GPS MDPNA 175 (MDPNA 175), GPS MDPNA 200 (MDPNA 200), GPS MDPNA 200S (MDPNA 200S), GPS MDPNA 220 (MDPNA 220), GPS MDPNA 220T (MDPNA 220T), GPS MDPNA 240 (MDPNA 240), GPS MDPNA 240T (MDPNA 240T), GPS MDPNA 250 (MDPNA 250), GPS MDPNA 250T (MDPNA 250T), GPS Plus MD PPC 150 (Plus MD PPC 150 )

Mighty GPS Bluetooth UG-301 (UG 301), SysOnChip Smart Blue

Mitac Mio 136 (MIO 136), 168 (MIO 168), 168 RS (MIO 168 RS), 268 & 268 Plus (MIO 268), 269 & 269 Plus (MIO 269), 269c (MIO 269c), A201 (MIO A201), C220 (Mio C220), C230 GPS Navigation System, C250, C317, C720T, Car Navigation C710 (C710), DigiWalker C310x (C310x), DigiWalker P550 (P550), External Antenna EAN: 5420027500409 (5420027500409 ), Mio DigiWalker P350 (P350)

Mobile Crossing, Inc BLUETOOTH GPS RECEIVER BGPS01 (BGPS01), BLUETOOTH GPS RECEIVER BGPS02 (BGPS02), BLUETOOTH GPS RECEIVER BGPS03 (BGPS03), CompactFlash GPS CGPS01 (CGPS01), WayPoint 100 (100), WayPoint 200 (200)

MYGuide 3000 GO Series (3000), 3050 GO (3050), 3200 GO Series (3200), 3240 GO (3240 GO), Silverguide 4350 NAV (4350), Silverguide 5000 Series (5000), Typhoon 3230 (3230GO), Typhoon 5500 (5500GO)

Navigon Navigon 2100 Max Portable GPS Navigator (2100MAX), Navigon 2100 Portable GPS Navigator (10000170), Navigon 5100 Portable GPS Navigator (10000130), Navigon 7100 Portable GPS Navigator (10000140), Transonic 3002 (3002), Transonic 4000 PNA (4000 PNA), Transonic 5000 (TMC) (5000 (TMC))

Navman Freedom Range F20 (F20), Freedom Range F20 EU (F20 EU), Freedom Range F30 (F30), Freedom Range F40 EU (F40 EU), Freedom Range F50 (F50), Freedom Range N20, Freedom Range N40i (N40i), Freedom Range N60i (N60i), PiN 100 Pocket PC (AA005600R), PiN 300 Pocket PC, PiN 570 (AA005637-5E2), Pocket PiN (AA005600), iCN 320 (AA005364-5E2), iCN 330 (AA005379-5E2), iCN 510, iCN 520 (AAB005511-5E2), iCN 530 (AA005788-5E2), iCN 550 (AA005531-SE2)

Nextar Navigator P7

Novogo Car Navigator V30, Car Navigator V50, Car Navigator V70, Car Navigator V90, Navigator A Series A700 (A700), Navigator A30, Navigator A70, Navigator C Series C700 (C700), Navigator C Series C900 (C900), Navigator S Series S700 (S700), Navigator T30, Navigator T50, Navigator T70, Navigator T90 (T90), Navigator t Series t700 (t700), Navigator t Series t900 (t900)

OnCourse5 (OCN5) MyGuide 300 (8300), MyGuide 500 (8500), MyGuide 700 (8700)

Other AVL GPS Bluetooth Receiver BT-15 , AcroTech AG-600, BT-Q770, HP iPAQ Navigation System Bluetooth, IPAQ, IPAQ 4700, Skywalker GPS-500, Solarius BT GPS

Pharos Drive GPS 135 (PDR135), Drive GPS 140 (PDR140), E-Z Road Pocket Navigatior (PEZ120), External Active Antenna for iGPS-CF Receiver (PX003), PK016 For Toshiba PDA, Traveler GPS 505 (PTL505), iGPS-CF

Pioneer Electronics Portable Sat Nav - AVIC-S1 (AVIC-S1)

Qstarz All In One GPS Navigator NV-Q1200 (NV-Q1200), All In One GPS Navigator NV-Q1400 (NV-Q1400), Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT-Q800 Pro (BT-Q800 Pro), Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT-Q815 (BT-Q815), Mini Solar Bluetooth Reciever BT-Q795 (BT-Q795), Mini Solar MTK Bluetooth Receiver BT-Q815 (BT-Q815)

Rikaline Active Antenna MMCX, A-10305-M , Active Antenna MMCX, 180 A-10302-M, Bluetooth GPS-6033, CF GPS GPS-6020, Car Navigation GPS-450 , GPS Receiver Board GPS 24 / 24A (GPS 24 / 24A), GPS Receiver Board GPS 25 (GPS 25)

Road Angel Navigator 6000 (6000)

San Jose Navigation GPS Module FV-M11 (FV-M11)

Synergy Systems AR-05A GPS (MMCX) Antenna (10001341), AR-10K GPS Antenna MMCX (10001698), AR-10S GPS MMCX Antenna 10001268

SysOnChip (SOC) CF Memory GPS III, Bluetooth GPS, CF Memory GPS , GPS CF Plus III , GPS CF Plus III SOC, Smart Blue Mini

Tele Type 16 Ch. w/ US Marine Vector Maps Bundle (4100), 16-Channel Bluetooth Receiver (2152), 20-Channel Sirf III Bluetooth Receiver (2852), Bluetooth Receiver - Global Maps & Program Including Australia (2157), Booster Antenna (1329), Booster Antenna 90 MMCX (1339), Ch. BT GPS w/Global Maps Bundle (2156), Mini-Bluetooth GPS w/ Built-in LiON rechargeable batteries (2958), Passive Tracker BT (1455), Passive Tracker II (1451), TeleType 16 Ch. w/ US Marine Vector Maps Bundle (2162), WorldNav 3100 Deluxe (3100), WorldNav 3100 Premium (31002)

Telit GPS Module GM862-GPS (3990250657)

TomTom Go 300, Go 500, Go 700

Technical Specifications:

- Radome: Black Polycarbonate Radome with die-cast base - Dimensions: 2.3 in. (L) x 1.9 in. (W) x 0.6 in. (H) - Mounting (included): Two user-removable magnets; two M3 screws for holes on base - Other Mounting Options: Suction cup mount for surface mounting (not furnished) - Power Gain: 28 dB - Operating Voltage: 2.5V~12V DC Power - Power Consumption: 12mA +/- 1mA - Operating Temperature: -40 to +185 degrees F - Noise: 2.0 max. - Impedance: 50 ohm - Frequency: 1575.42 MHz - Cable: RG174/U (9-foot length) - 100% waterproof

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