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alwaysFind Personal GPS Tracker (AFM)

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Engineered specifically for personnel positioning and emergency reporting. alwaysFind Personal is the smallest GPS/GSM tracking device on the market. With the press of a single button, the alwaysFind Personal sends it current location to a list of four

The alwaysFind Personal can be integrated via software into a online monitoring system, to which customers could log on and track their unit's location in real-time using digital maps and satellite imaging.


  • Simple to use - Just call the alwaysFind Personal and it will reply with its real-time coordinates, heading and speed via a SMS text message.
  • No monthly monitoring fee (by Gilsson) - Just plug a SIM card from your existing GSM wireless provider.  User is responsible for monthly GSM line charge and SMS fees.
  • Self Contained - No external antennas needed - No power source need.
  • Combines the capabilities of GPS and GSM cell networks (cingular & T-Mobile).- By not relying on a single method of communication, alwaysFind Personal is more reliable during a emergency.
  • Pocket size / covert / Lightweight: 3.25 oz.
  • User configurable settings - Gilsson AlwaysFind Personal is configurable by SMS commands.  The user can set polling interval, geofencing distances and preprogrammed emergency contact numbers via SMS messages.
  • Panic Button - User can press the panic button for less than a second to notify his/her contacts of a emergency or press more than 2 seconds to activate the built in 90dB siren and notify the emergency contacts via a SMS message.
  • Par/Geofencing Button - Geofencing alert can be configured to activate whenever the tracker is move more than 500 meters from the original position.

Compatible with:

Magellan Maestro 3250 GPS Navigation System (Magellan Part #980-0011-001)

Technical Specifications:

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