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Adjustable 6 Position Holder with Suction Cup Pedestal and Auto Air Vent Clip (UBKA-Deluxe)

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Uniquely designed, adjustable 6 position holder that can be mounted to the windshield, the dash or to the auto air vents. This is truly a universal holder that will securely mount smaller GPS receivers, cellphones, iPods, MP3 and XM radios within reach o

Adjustable Holder Features: SKU:

  • Adjustable side retainers adjust to six width positions to accommodate all devices between 1.75 inches and 2.5 inches in width. Simply slide device in from top and you are go to go!
  • Holder has bottom retaining platform to retain device and keep it from sliding out the bottom of holder.

Universal Windshield Suction Mount:

  • The rigid neck design allows the user to position the electronic device in just the right position for optimum viewing and utilization, without worry of the dreaded “droop” associated with most “goose neck” brackets.
  • The large suction cup is 2.75” in diameter (compare to 2.125” for Nuvi) will ensure a secure, power lock on any smooth attaching surface.   
  • The suction process is controlled by a unique locking ratchet button positioned on the base of the unit.  The suction is maintained until the lock is released using a two set process.  No accidental releases.

 Universal Air Vent Mount Clip Mount:

  • The unique design affords the user flexibility is mounting to horizontal and vertical auto vents.
  • The bracket incorporates a leveling support arm to ensure that the your device is positioned correctly for ease of viewing.

Compatible with:

Acer N35 Navigations PDA (N35)

Adac Blue Media Pocket PC 255 Navigon ( PC 255)

ASUS MyPal A639 (A639), The Mobile Navigator (MyPal A632), The Mobile Navigator 1 (MyPal A636), The Mobile Navigator Pro (MyPal A636N)

Brunton Atlas GPS (Atlas GPS), Atlas MNS GPS (Atlas MNS GPS)

Dell PDA Dell Bluetooth GPS Navigation System (F6681 (310-5769)), Dell GPS Navigation System with Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Dell Axim X51 Handheld (GPS 310-7304 (GG057) X51 & X51v), Pocket GPS Navigator for Dell Axim X30 (PK041), Pocket GPS Portable Navigator for Dell Axim X5 (PFD22 )

Garmin Edge 205 (010-00447-10), Edge 305CAD (010-00447-00), Edge 305H5+Speed/Cadance (010-00447-30), Edge 305HR (010-00447-20), GPS 12 (010-00146-00), GPS 12CX (010-00179-00), GPS 12MAP (010-00205-00), GPS 12XL (010-00138-00), GPS 65 (010-00054-00), GPS 75 (010-00051-00), GPS 89 (010-00094-00), GPS 90 (010-00077-01), GPS 92 (010-00168-01), GPS 95XL (010-00059-01), GPSMAP 60 (010-00322-10), GPSMAP 60C (010-00322-20), GPSMAP 60CS (010-00322-30), GPSMap 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator (010-00422-00), GPSMap 60Cx Handheld GPS Navigator (010-00421-00), Geko 101 (010-00317-00), Geko 201 (010-00318-40), Geko 301 (010-00319-40), NavTalk (010-00141-00), Portable GPS Mount (010-10908-00), eTrex Camo (010-00190-42), eTrex H (010-00631-00 ), eTrex Handheld GPS Navigator (010-00190-06), eTrex Legend (010-00256-00 ), eTrex Legend C (010-00358-00), eTrex Legend Cx (010-00440-00), eTrex Legend GPS Navigator (010-00256-00), eTrex Summit (010-00212-00), eTrex Summit HC (010-00633-00), eTrex Venture Cx (010-00560-00), eTrex Venture HC (010-00632-00 ), eTrex Venture Handheld GPS Navigator (010-00225-00), eTrex Vista C (010-00368-00), eTrex Vista CX Handheld GPS Navigator (010-00439-00), eTrex Vista HCX (010-00630-00 ), eTrex Vista Handheld GPS Navigator (010-00243-00)

GlobalSat BC-307, BC337, BT-308, BT-318, BT-318X, BT308X, ER-102, G5010U, G5040, GV-101, GV-201, SD-501 (X-Trac), SD502

GolfLogix GPS 8, Golf GPS

Haicom HI 303MMF (HI-303MMF), HI 303S, HI 305 N, HI 305III, HI 401 BT, HI 405 BT, HI 406 BT

Holux GM-100, GM-101+, GM-250, GM-251, GPSmile 51 Car Navigator, GPSmile 52 Car Navigator (NAV-52xx), GPSmile 53 Car Navigator (GPSmile 53)

HP iPAQ Travel Companion rx5910 (FA810AA), iPAQ rx5765 Travel Companion (rx5765)

Lowrance iFinder Express or Basic (Passive Antenna), iFinder Go, iFinder H20 (112-15), iFinder H2O C (112-67), iFinder H2O C Plus (112-68), iFinder H2O Plus (112-38), iFinder Hunt (112-33), iFinder Hunt C (112-66), iFinder Hunt Plus (112-34), iFinder Map&Music (112-45), iFinder Map&Music Plus (112-50), iFinder PhD (112-32), iFinder PhD Plus (112-51), iFinder Pro (112-14), iFinder Pro Plus (112-28), iWay 100m (112-52), iWay 600C (125-01)

Magellan ColorTRAK, Magellan eXplorist 200 16MB Handheld GPS Navigator (980771-02), ePlorist XL (XL), eXplorist 100 GPS (980771-01), eXplorist 210 GPS (980771-72), eXplorist 300 GPS (980771-72), eXplorist 400 GPS (980771-04), eXplorist 500 GPS (980771-05), eXplorist 500 LE GPS ( 980771-112), eXplorist 600 GPS (980771-06)

Mitac Mio A201 (MIO A201)

Navigon Navigon 2100 Portable GPS Navigator (10000170), Navigon 5100 Portable GPS Navigator (10000130), Navigon 7100 Portable GPS Navigator (10000140)

Nokia GPS LD-1W (LD-1W)

Novogo Car Navigator V30, Car Navigator V50, Car Navigator V70, Car Navigator V90, Navigator A Series A700 (A700), Navigator A30, Navigator A70, Navigator C Series C700 (C700), Navigator C Series C900 (C900), Navigator S Series S700 (S700), Navigator T30, Navigator T50, Navigator T70, Navigator T90 (T90), Navigator t Series t700 (t700), Navigator t Series t900 (t900)

OnCourse5 (OCN5) MyGuide 300 (8300), MyGuide 500 (8500), MyGuide 700 (8700)

Other HP iPAQ Navigation System Bluetooth, IPAQ, IPAQ 4700, Skywalker GPS-500, eXpansys iPAQ GPS

Pharos Drive GPS 135 (PDR135), E-Z Road Pocket Navigatior (PEZ120), PK016 For Toshiba PDA, Traveler GPS 505 (PTL505), iGPS-CF

Qstarz All In One GPS Navigator NV-Q1400 (NV-Q1400)

Royaltek GPS RBT-3000 (RBT-3000 )

Sky Golf SkyCaddie SG3 (SG3), SkyCaddie SG4 (SG4)

Technical Specifications:

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